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About Evolve Media

Evolve Media was born out of our passion for business, technology & marketing. We believe that by applying a systematic, interdisciplinary approach to marketing, we are able to help build better products & services that help our customers’ businesses evolve

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Users

Our mission is to help make your life easier by providing the necessary information and infrastructure that will help you make better business decisions. We put the same effort in understanding your clients’ needs and expectations as we do with our own. We focus on delivering solutions to their problems and solving their pains.

We are here to help you. By asking questions, listening, experimenting, analyzing and adapting our strategies and tactics constantly, we believe that we can make better decisions and deliver more value. This has proven to be so for us, and that means that it will be true for you.

We believe that we can grow stronger together that any of us can on his own.

Our Values

We are a growth-oriented Digital Marketing Agency that focuses on bringing you results. Once you choose to work with us, you will consistently come across our core values:

We believe that most change is good. We always look at how something could be made better, bigger, more efficient and more attractive.

We constantly check and recheck our mindset, beliefs and strategies in an effort to understand where things could be made better.

We see businesses as organisms, and know that organisms are made to grow and thrive.

We grow our understanding every day and we use that understanding to help grow businesses every day.

Seeking out new solutions to old problems is what took the human race to the point where it is now.

We have developed as a species, we constantly develop as individuals, and we always work towards developing ourselves even further with each passing day.

We believe that integrity is the foundation of trust.

This is why we never say yes to projects that we can’t handle and why we will never propose a solution that we don’t believe will work.

We’re always looking for new ways of doing old things.

Innovation has improved our lives throughout the ages and is what can improve your business in such a way that your competitors will not even stand a chance.

Two minds are better than one.

Our team works closely with our clients to find answers to questions and discover new ideas and avenues of improvement, whether it’s about improving your return on investment, solving an internal problem or communicating a message more clearly.

Our Awesome Team



Founder & Creative Director

With a vast experience in digital project management and advanced knowledge of behavioral and motivational psychology, my focus is always on finding and delivering the best solution to any problem


Full-Stack Developer

With years of agency experience under his belt, Bogdan has designed engaging experiences for millions of users throughout hundreds of web projects completed over the years


Pay-Per-Click Specialist

Having extensive experience throughout various industries in pay-per-click advertising from both a Search Engine and Social Media perspective, Arianne is determined to incease ROI for our clients


Backend Developer

Having experience in developing custom solutions across multiple frameworks, Cristian is skilled in planning and building lightweight processes for solving problems encountered by our clients.


Pay-Per-Click Specialist

Through her studies in marketing and experience managing multiple accounts, Ioana not only focuses on getting the campaigns right, but always contributes new ideas to gaining client conversions


Frontend Developer & SEO Specialist

With years of experience in freelance web design, Aurel focuses on delivering clean, effective user experience and SEO solutions for our clients’ websites, while making sure that we’re always reaching our established objectives. 

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